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Luxury Massage Chair

A100 3D Luxury Massage Chair


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  • A set of 3D mechanical massaging hands that can move up and down, front and back, are included in this luxury zero gravity massage chair.
  • Detect the position of the shoulder, as well as human body contours and posture, automatically.
  • Track long rail mechanism, abbreviated as SL.
  • There are 23 massage programmes that run automatically.
  • 3 MB of programme memory
  • Kneading, tapping, shiatsu, knocking, 3D massage, and kneading and tapping are six different massage techniques.
  • Carbon fibre is used as an infrared heating source for the back heating feature.
  • On the left and right sides, there are built-in 3D digital speakers.
  • Bluetooth capabilities allow smart devices to stream music through a wireless connection.
  • Massage functions for the waist twist and backstretch.
  • Negative oxygen ions remove dust particles from the users’ environment.
  • The footrest is fitted with sensors that allow for automatic leg length adjustments.
  • Calf squeeze activities enhance blood circulation, muscular relaxation, and provide immediate pain relief.
  • Remote control with a 7-inch LED touchscreen.
  • The armrest has a USB charging port.

Luxury Massage Chair Features

A100 3D luxury massage chair

The new technology of A 100 luxury massage chair

In designing ISPL, we took into account the human skeleton’s unique characteristics. Physiotherapy, biomechanics, ergonomics, and biomechanics are all incorporated into the design. Combined with a curved path massage, stretches, the point, magnetic field therapy, and an air-experiential experience, you’ll have the ultimate at-home massage. Every day, I make an effort to stay healthy and fit.

New design 2020 with Innovative functions

The air pump 1 is an innovative feature because it can work synchronously and continue to provide the driving force for all airbags. Both the leisure stereo pressure of the airbag massage is distinct and one-of-a-kind, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and lively massage.

Massage Chair Benefit
Massage Chair Benefit


Bluetooth speakers, a USB cord, shortcut buttons, and microfabric leather are among the features.

Massage Chair Benefit
3 Memory modes

The bespoke massage programme is tailored to each individual’s body type and needs. Press the memory button to activate automated memo modes and get personal massage the next time you use the chair.

Massage Chair Benefit
Free installation design

Its simple and secure installation design makes it easy to operate. The egg-shaped design is fatigued and has exceptional qualities; the excellent design fits more of the living environment and modern people’s desires.

Massage Chair Benefit
Multi-Position massage

You can enjoy body massage in all parts of your body thanks to an innovative acupressure points sensor. A combination of professional approaches can assist you in relaxing and reducing tension.

Massage Chair Benefit
5 Levels of massage speed adjustable

The massage pace can be adjusted in 5 levels to suit different massage needs, allowing you to customise your pleasant massage as you wish, bringing diverse massage sensations and exquisite strength to make you feel wonderful.

Massage Chair Benefit
3 Levels of air pressure intensity adjustable

There are 38 airbags in all, with three levels of air pressure intensity to choose from. You will feel completely relaxed from your shoulders to your feet.

“Zero Space”

Slide 5cm Towards The Wall and Release A traditional massage chair requires between 60 and 80 centimetres to glide against the wall, so it can save 0.5 square metres.

A regular massage chair requires a lot of space against the wall, but the massage chair can open completely against the wall around 5cm away, and the sliding distance is 22cm.

Massage Chair Benefit

Important Functions

LED touch screen

The massage process is clearly visible on the 7-inch super touch screen, which is integrated with ISPL’s revolutionary UI operate technologies. With just one button, users can manage the massage programme.

Massage Chair Benefit

“SL” Shape curved rail

The massage distance is 137cm, and it is combined with human engineering and studied super long “SL” shape space curved rail technology, allowing you to enjoy a personal massage from head to leg. It also helps to maintain the human body vertebra “S” shaped curved, which relaxes the spine and relieves tense muscles.

Massage Chair Benefit

Zero gravity

The legs and torso are at 118* elevation, while the thighs and calves are above the heart in a zero gravity model. Each body part’s gravity will be distributed evenly on the massage chair, allowing pressure on the body to be released completely.

Massage Chair Benefit

3D Intelligent mechanical massage hands

To achieve multidimensional and aspect stereo massage, intelligent mechanical massage hands continue to acquire curved data on the back and replicate professional masseur massage talents. Intelligent massage hands emulate the professional masseuse’s method of kneading, squeezing, pressing, holding, pushing, swinging, and twisting. As a result, the mechanical hands can massage the human cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebras effectively. This method can ensure an even-strength massage for your back, can be likened to a professional massage, refresh yourself, and cure fatigue.

Massage Chair Benefit

Infinity stretching -fit shiatsu

The leg component of the chair can be modified to fit the user’s height (maximum 25cms). Shiatsu and airbags massage the legs in a clockwise and counterclockwise motion. Designed with three separate shiatsu treatments to relieve leg fatigue induced by prolonged standing.

  • To people with overworked knee joints.
  • Knee massage and foot position should be adjusted.
  • Meet the needs of users of various sizes and weights.
  • To make the massage perfect, adjust the massage position.
Luxury Massage Chair

Worship defines an outstanding realm and the healthy life of escorting

As a result of a combination of biomechanics, ergonomics, and model physical therapy, the goal is to achieve human skeletal features with zero power, zero space, and two air pumps. Home-massage technology allows you to maintain your health and physical activity while staying at home.

Massage Chair Benefits

Luxury Series Massage Chair Specifications

Specifications Of Massage Chair
Specifications Of Massage Chair
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