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Zero Gravity Massage Chair

A33 Robostic 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair




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The supreme 3D zero gravity massage chair

The best massage chair relaxes from his head towards his toes, including his fingers tips. The iSPL A33 Zero Gravity Massage Chair is designed to transport a personal massage to a new level. The iSPL A33 Zero Gravity Massage Chair uses the best components and 3D massage technology to offer more massage sessions, relaxing every part of the body, and providing a truly unique wellness experience for the user.

Full body zero gravity massage chair

There are built-in airbags for all body parts as well as massage hand technology for all body parts. The iSPL A33 Zero-Gravity massage chair offers a full foot massage by massaging each toe and heels individually. In addition, the airbag system has the accuracy to massage your fingertips to really create a one-one session. So fall in and is cuddled and spoiled by the exceptionally designed massage chair.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

3D Massage

Intelligent 3D massaging hands that move vertically on four wheels.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Automatic check

Automatically check the position of the shoulders, the body curve and the massage points, as well as micro ordinary justifications. According to the body curve and massage points, they automatically regulate the hands of the massage forward and backwards to make it more humanistic and scientific.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

4 Automatic functions

Designed with four automatic massage functions: ease, comfort, pain care and retrieval of fatigue.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Automatic massage

Automatic massage programs from the upper body using 8 shoulder and neck airbags. Upper rear massage programs using 4 airbags.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Manual massage

Manual massage for the upper body with three options: generals, partial and fixed; Six massage methods: Lifting/socket shoulder, knead, touch, shiatsu and knead and touch synchronous and 3D, with five-speed levels adjustable respectively. When shifting and shiatsu, the width between the two kneading spheres is adjustable with five levels.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Air pressure massage for the arms

Massage of atmospheric pressure for weapons (26 constructive airbags), with three intensity options of atmospheric pressure.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Air pressure massage for the lower body

There are 16 airbags that can be used to massage the lower body. There are three positions and three levels of air pressure intensity to choose from.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Air pressure and roller massage for the feet

Massage of atmospheric pressure and feet (10 airbags) and various intensity options.

Benefits Of Massage Chair


MP3 player: Play, Stop, Previous, Next, Volume and Volume Down.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Three groups of memory

Three groups of massage status memory.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Heating function

Cabinet heating function, with carbon fiber as an infrared heat transmitter.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Calf rest

The rest of the calf can be lifted and stretched; The folder can be lifted.

Benefits Of Massage Chair
Benefits Of Massage Chair

100 Airbags

When it comes to the A33 Zero Gravity Massage Chair, it has a 4-word intelligent 3D massage mechanism that can move and adapt automatically to the contours of your body, rejuvenating you. It has 92 airbags with adjustable air pressure levels. There is no other massage experience that compares to the feeling of being massaged by several sets of human hands.

Different Types of Massages Provided by ISPL A33 Zero Gravity Massage Chair

(maybe combined)

3D Intelligent Massage Technology

3D Smart massage Mimica mechanical coins professional massage techniques and reproduce professional massage. The massage hand can move from top to bottom and top and left to the neck, back and shoulder, and can stretch up to 12 cm, which means it can reach positions that Normal massage chairs can not reach.

3D Point Navigation Sensor

The body shape of each person changes gently. The 3D point navigation sensor detects the details of the body module automatically monitoring complicated lines of the human body, such as the shoulder position and consortium on life to offer a more personalized massage. This massage chair uses an optical sensor to identify the body’s acupuncture points so that the massage can be positioned according to the body’s curve.

Composite Stretch

There is a wide range of massage widths available, ranging from 6cm to 21 cm. In total, it covers an area of 81cm from top to bottom, which is about 20 per cent more than a standard massage chair can cover. So, this massage chair is suitable for all body types and sizes.

Neck Stretch

Airbags and massage spheres are gently located around the neck to help relax neck muscles and improve blood circulation by grabbing and stretching the neck. The neck massager can be adjusted within 20 cm to adapt to different heights.

Arm Airbags

Through the airbags, it gives you a complete massage for both arms and relaxes your fingers. Stimulates acupuncture points on your arm.

Back Heater

A calming rear heater can heat up to 40-50 degrees from the back to lose back and stiffness.

Hip Swing

The seat cushion can be swung in an ‘8′ configuration. It simulates expert massage therapists gently swinging your body to improve balance. It’s beneficial for relieving pressure on the lower back and hip muscles.

Waist Twist

Compression and air release assist in the movement of the waist, which helps to correct the spine position and relax tense waist muscles. Extension of the footrest To accommodate people of various heights, the foot massager may be extended out to 23cm.

Waist Stretch

Back stretching can help with weariness, tight muscles, and swollen joints.

Leg Stretch

It relieves muscle stress and joint stiffness by stretching cartilage tissue between the shanks.

Calf and Foot Airbag Massager

To offer you a comprehensive massage, a combination of 38 airbags of various sizes wraps around your calf and feet. To give you diverse feelings, the airbags will squeeze, compress, pause, and release.

Underfoot Roller

The roller’s sophisticated method gives a fantastic foot massage experience that no other massage chair can match. Adjustable intensity levels to meet your specific requirements.

Magnetic Therapy

To achieve magnetic therapy, eight pieces of 300 CC magnetic are placed in the calf reflex sites.

MP3 Music

With a built-in MP3 player, you may listen to peaceful music while getting a massage.

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