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A86 Shiatsu massage chair 2015 design

The new A86 shiatsu massage chair features a set of 3D intelligent, silent massaging hands that can move up and down, front and backward, and sideways. This model is the best ISPL massage chair to date, as it is part of the ISPL 2015 Design category, which was launched in June.

Improved functions

Comfort, relaxation, pain treatment, fast massage experience, waist stretch, full air pressure, and a host of other massage features related to the new 2015 concept are all included in the A86 shiatsu massage chair.

Smartphone application

If you want to control the massage using your phone, you can now do so. The ISPL A86 shiatsu massage chair is a massage chair that can also be controlled from a smart device via the manufacturer’s free application.

Shiatsu Massage Chair
Benefit Of Massage Chair

Manual massage selection

A manual massage selection option for the upper body is included in the shiatsu massage chair. There are three types of massage positions: general, partial, and fixed spot. Shoulder gripping, kneading, tapping, shiatsu, kneading and tapping, and 3D massage are the six massage techniques available.

Automatic massage selection

For a unique massage experience, select a preset massage. There are multiple automatic massage programmes on the remote control that will provide you with a range of massage methods, varied movements, various massage speeds, complete air massage, and so on.

Air pressure massage

Forearm and upper arm air pressure massages (each with 8 integrated airbags) are available in three intensity levels.

Lower body air pressure massage:

With 3 levels of intensity, air pressure back massage (with 4 integrated airbags), air pressure buttock massage (16 airbags), and air pressure leg massage (36 airbags).

Benefit Of Massage Chair
Benefit Of Massage Chair

Heating function

Carbon fibre is used as a source for far-infrared heating in the back heating function. Infrared radiation has a wavelength that matches the wavelength of the human body, allowing the energy to be absorbed by human cells, activating them and increasing metabolism. The heating function is very useful in the winter or during chilly weather.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Audio function

You may now operate the chair over Bluetooth with your smartphone or tablet. Connect to the smart terminal through Bluetooth to play music, or connect directly to the chair’s connection base via an audio cord.

Upper arm and forearm vertical massage

The new ISPL A86 shiatsu massage chair has improved arm massage capabilities. Because the massage cushions are in various places, placing your upper arms in the designated areas is much more comfortable, and the forearm massage is more effective.

Benefit Of Massage Chair
Benefit Of Massage Chair

Zero space and zero gravity

The ISPL A86 shiatsu massage chair is designed to be positioned against a wall. A 5cm minimum distance from the rear wall is required. When you use the Zero Gravity or extension functions, this chair extends in a unique way since it is created with a particular mechanism that allows it to move forward by up to 22cm.

Reflex therapy

The footrest extends freely to accommodate a variety of user heights.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Calf rest

The calf rest has massage rollers and airbags, as well as 8 natural magnets.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Lower leg massage

Different sized airbags fully wrap around your calf, ankle, and foot, providing you with a three-dimensional experience you will never forget. Apply this method, which involves sequentially activating the air pressure compression, pause, and evacuation functions in order to stimulate the Xuanzhong and Taixi acupoints.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Foot massage with rollers

Contains the same advanced massage roller technology used by a professional masseuse to provide the same type of Guasha massage. Focusing on the sole of your foot’s Yongquan point in a gentle and consistent manner, the massage can also intensify.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

S-shape back massage

The 3D roller system allows the rollers on your neck, shoulde, back, and waist to move up/down/left/right/forward/backwards. The rollers adapt to the shape of the spine and move in an S-shape system. The width ranges from 6 cm (to avoid touching the spine) to 21 cm (so as to cover the whole back).

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Back width adjustment

As the body is supported by an S-shaped curve, back massage structures and human engineering principles are combined to provide you with a highly accurate back massage experience. Six to twenty-one centimeters can be adjusted by choosing one of the three width options.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Airbag arm massage

The chair, which is outfitted with airbags that follow the curves of the human arm, provides a massage that completely encompasses your arms, acting on the Yangchi and Quchi points. The balanced 3D traction generated by the air-filled bags will energise your arms and palms.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Far infrared carbon fibre heating

The back heating function (40-50*C) eliminates any cold sensation and backache. Because the wavelength of infrared radiation coincides with the wavelength of the human body, energy can be absorbed by human cells, activating them and stimulating metabolism.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Two memory modes

These two functions will meet your family’s requirements. With the appropriate M1 / M2 memory programmes, you and your family can save any combination of massage methods and functions. Simply pressing the button for two seconds after hearing a specific sound activates the automatic memory mode.

Massage timer function

With this function, you can customise the massage time to your liking, allowing you to enjoy a continuous massage or 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, or 40-minute massage sessions.

ISPL Massage technology

Because of their novel function, the air pumps can operate in synchrony or continuously to provide the motor force required by the airbags. The relaxation massage and the strong pressure of the airbags are both precise and one-of-a-kind, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing massage.

This technology encompasses 500 points on the entire body, from the Fengchi point on your neck to the Yongquan point on your sole, providing you with a professional, and invigorating physical therapy that solves the problems associated with poor health. ISPL health products are made to the specifications revealed by medical testing.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Magnet therapy function

In the calf airbags, there are eight magnets with natural energy. One of the benefits of magnet therapy is that it can lower cholesterol levels as well as eliminate free radical accumulation in the body as well as boost immunity. Magnetic intensity is 73mT, which is within the range of national protection standards.

Benefit Of Massage Chair
Benefit Of Massage Chair

Body stretching

The shiatsu massage chair is recommended for relieving muscle tension and joint stiffness, allowing you to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stretching is accomplished with the help of massage cushions for the shoulders, arms, and legs.

Calf rest extension

The calf rest can be freely extended by up to 15 cm depending on the user’s height, ensuring a full body massage tailored to the individual size of each user.

Massage Techniques


The primary body points are pressed; the speed and width are customizable. This treatment efficiently reduces the strain on the vertebrae by removing muscular tension and stiffness.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Light tapping

The shiatsu massage chair rollers will delicately tap your back in an up-and-down motion, stimulating blood circulation across your entire back. Light tapping massage is one of the most popular and well-liked relaxation and massage techniques.

Benefit Of Massage Chair


This strategy can exert a significant amount of pressure on your muscles, triggering several of your primary areas. It has the ability to relieve muscle tension and stiffness. Furthermore, the adjustable speed will provide you with an excellent massage.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Kneading + light tapping

This strategy can exert a significant amount of pressure on your muscles, triggering several of your primary areas. It has the ability to relieve muscle tension and stiffness. Furthermore, the adjustable speed will provide you with an excellent massage.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Shoulder gripping and kneading

The 3D massage rollers of the shiatsu chair grab and knead the shoulders, relaxing the muscles and removing fatigue. The deepest of pains are relieved by rubbing the massage spots in an up-down movement.

Benefit Of Massage Chair

Rolling (full or partial)

This is a massage technique in which the precision of the 3D massage rollers is noticeable. The massage roller, which will push your back and relax it, will massage the entire muscle area running alongside your spine in an up-down manner.

Benefit Of Massage Chair
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