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Massager Machine

A385 Robostic 3D Massager Machine




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ISPL A385 massager machine 2015 design

The ISPL A385 Massager Machine is a new generation ISPL massage chair with four clever, silent, vertically moveable massage hands that provide a full back massage. The innovative 135 cm L-shaped massage system in the A385 Massager Machine makes it the massage chair with the longest massage range.

Pump and valve innovation

The A385 Massager Machine features a unique air pump and valve system. In order to produce the motor force required for the 28 airbags, the pump can operate in synchrony or continuously. The relaxation massage, as well as the airbag pressure, are both precise and unique, allowing you to rest and enjoy a rejuvenating massage.

Zero back wall space

The massage machine is designed for tiny spaces, requiring only a 5 cm clearance between the back wall and the massage chair when it is in use. The chair’s seat will travel forward without colliding with the back wall.

Back Massage Chair
Feature Of Massage Chair

Automatic shoulder detection and localization system

An automatic shoulder localization mechanism is included with the new ISPL A385 Massager Machine. Prior to each massage session, this technology scans your shoulders to assess the user’s height and weight in order to provide a properly tailored massage.

Feature Of Massage Chair

3 Zero gravity massage positions

The revolutionary ISPL A385 Massager Machine allows you to adjust the chair to three different Zero Gravity settings, allowing you to attain a sensation of weightlessness and enjoy complete, unfettered relaxation.

The angle of elevation between the body and the legs is roughly 118 degrees when the “zero gravity” mode is activated. The heart is in a lower position than the thighs and calves. Each body part’s gravity (weight) will be dispersed uniformly over the massager machine, allowing the pressure on the body to be relieved completely.

Reflex therapy

The base expands continuously so that the various user heights can be accommodated.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Calf rest

Massage and airbags, plus 8 natural magnets are available in the remainder of the cattle.

Feature Of Massage Chair

L-shaped curved rail

The massage chair uses a novel technique with a curved L-shaped rail, a result of considerable investigation and the newest information. The massage is 135 cm in size and enables you to get a personal massage practically down to your knees from head to seat.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Guasha foot massage

It simulates human contact and has state-of-the-art roller technology, giving a Guasha massage equivalent to that of a professional massage therapist. The massage supplied can be delicate and consistent with a range of three cm and focuses on the Yongquan point in the foot sole.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Airbag foot massage

Airbags of different sizes encircle your knees, and foot in their entirety and create a triple experience that you will never forget. To stimulate the acupoints, apply this approach by succession, which will provide you complete comfort and harmony, air pressure compression, break and evacuation function.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Magnet therapy

With its eight 300 cc permanent magnets, the magnetic therapy achieved by boosting and activity on the veal can improve the low level of magnetism in the body.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Back massage range

Massage hands can be moved up or down the neck, shoulders, back and waist with a clever massage chair. The precise curve of the human back with a width of 21 cm and a back area of 135 cm, covering the whole reverse, can be automatically induced.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Back width adjustment

A combination of backmassage structures and principles of human engineering is part of the S-shaped curve supporting the body, to ensure that the back massage is extremely accurate. With three possibilities of width, the width can be modified between 6 and 21 cm.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Airbag arm massage

Equipped with 12 airbags, it offers a massage that incorporates your arms, acts on the points, following the curvature of the human upper arm. You will be strengthened by the balanced 3D traction that comes from air-filled bags.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Far infrared carbon fibre heating

With 40-50o C back heating the sense of cold and backaches is eliminated. The wavelength for infrarot radiation coincides with the wavelength of the human body to absorb the energy, activate the cells and promote metabolism by human cells.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Two memory modes

Both of these functions meet your family’s demands. The relevant M1/M2 memory programmes are able to store any combination of the massage methods and functionalities you and your family pick. It’s just two seconds after a certain sound you need to push the button, and auto-store mode starts operating.

Timer function

With this feature, you may adjust your massage time to your tastes, so you can have a continuous massage.

ISPL Massage technology

The air pumps can run synchronously or constantly to deliver the necessary motor force for airbags, due to their novel feature. Specific and unique are the relaxation massage and the high pressure of the airbags that allow a refreshing massage to be enjoyed.

In the tail, back and for a stiff neck, the vertebras are frequently the cause of pain. A state of the art worldwide technology, the ISPL massaging machine uses a 3D detection capability that can recognise massage locations depending on your height. From the point of your neck to the point of your sole.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Automatic Massage Programs

Feature Of Massage Chair
Ache relief

Automatic massage programme of 15 minutes to focus on your tiredness areas, which provides you with a full body’s health service.

Feature Of Massage Chair
Memory – athletes program

The state-of-the-art precision, strength and convenient air pressure shiatsu massage relieve the fatigue gained by physical training to give a healthy body.

Feature Of Massage Chair
Back and waist – housewives

Massage to relax your back and tail and aggressively act on your ligaments. Relieves rigid muscles.

Feature Of Massage Chair
Comfort – elderly group

From your neck to your soles and from your upper arms to your fingers, full-pressure massage offers an unrivalled body massage experience.

Feature Of Massage Chair
Full air pressure, neck, and shoulders – computer user group

Automatic pleasant massage programme, devised with the purpose of easily reducing pain in the cervical vertebrae, for your neck and shoulders.

Feature Of Massage Chair
Waist stretch, pain relief – beauty love group

Conceived to alleviate muscle discomfort and rigidity by extending back muscles, relaxing muscles and relaxing weariness.

Intelligent mechanical hands

Smart, mechanical massage hands are continually collecting data on the back curve that emulate experienced massage therapists so that a stereo-multidimensional-look massage is available. The clever handles of the massage replicate expert ways for kneading, squeezing, flattening, pressure, pushing, grabbing, swinging, and twisting.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Body relief

For encouraging regeneration of the bone, muscle tension and joints are recommended the stretching of the arms, back and legs. The massage coils for the shoulders, arms and legs generate this stretching movement. The massage chair ISPL A385 is designed for a wide range of users with revolutionary automatic massage systems.

Feature Of Massage Chair

Free calf rest extension

Depending on the height of the user, calf rest can be freely extended by 15 cm, ensuring a full body massage depending on each user’s particular height.

Feature Of Massage Chair
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