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Standard Massage Chair

439 2D Standard Massage Chair


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Foot reflex zone massage:

A foot reflex zone massage regenerates the foot muscles and has a harmonizing impact on nearly every organ in your body.

Massage Chair Benefits
foot reflexology massage

Acupressure points:

The maximum essential acupressure factors are massaged at the standard massage chair.

Massage Chair Benefits

Gua Sha:

The GuaSha scraping technique provides moderate pressure for superficial blood veins and increases circulation. GuaSha is frequently utilised for additional body stimulation and soothing massages in combination with acupressure sites.

Massage Chair Benefits


Also for the last massage, for relaxation and muscular recovery, a pleasant alternative between relaxation and muscle relaxation is appropriate.

Massage Chair Benefits

Back area:

A individually applicable for any size of the massage area.

Massage Chair Benefits

Human hand feeling:

Designed especially for massage heads that simulate professional masseur’s hand movement. The greatest length is 6.5 cm and the maximal length angle 41 degrees, for which human cervical vertebrae, thoracic vertebrae and Lumbar vertebrae can be successfully massaged.

Massage Chair Features
human hand feeling

Adjustable cushion:

In the ISPL 439 massage chair, if necessary, the double cushion can be put to decrease neck and shoulder massage intensity.

Massage Chair Benefits

2D Massage:

Intuitive 2D massage mechanism that measures the shape of your back to determine a more precise position of the spinal sections.

Massage Chair Benefits

Carbon heating:

If infraround carbohydrates penetrate deeply, blood vessels expand, blood circulation is boosted and muscular tensions are reduced, and nerve cells which cause pain in the brain report are also tremendously positively affected.

Massage Chair Benefits

Kneading and tapping (Dual Action):

Has techniques for kneading and tapping that alleviate blood pressure and concurrently stimulate circulation.

Massage Chair Benefits

Zero space:

The massage chair is aimed at the lying point and hence travels towards the wall behind it only very little.

ISPL 439 Massage Chair Features

Reclining position:

The massage chair is adjustable in the backrest and the footrest contributes to the personal well-being of the body position.

Massage Chair Benefits

Knead and Flap:

The ISPL 439 massage chair is a mixture of kneading and flap rub down.

ISPL 439 Massage Chair Features

Zero gravity:

In the massage chair, you positioned yourself withinside the role of an astronaut with this “feeling of weightlessness”.

ISPL 439 Massage Chair Features


With the short massage chair tapping movements are performed with the edge of the hand, the fist, this promotes blood flow to the skin and loosens tense muscles and improves the release of mucus in the lungs.

Massage Chair Benefits

Air compression:

In the massage chair, the raising and lowering airbags have a pumping movement that creates natural muscle reflexes, which is particularly beneficial in the calf and foot area.

ISPL 439 Massage Chair Features


In the massage chair, the targeted stretching massage activates your body and has an invigorating effect on the entire body.

ISPL 439 Massage Chair Features

Sole roller:

With the luxury foot massage of the massage chair, you can even adjust the speed of the castors.

ISPL 439 Massage Chair Features

Standard Series Massage Chair Specifications


There’s an automatic program on the massage chair; the massage heads work very close to the body, massaging the entire back from the buttocks to the groin. The S-shaped mechanism is designed to work with the spine’s natural anatomy.

ISPL 439 Massage Chair Features


A deep full-body massage from the neck to the buttocks awaits you in the massage chair.

Massage Chair Benefits

Quick Start:

The massage chair is supplied with a Quick Start touch button on the armrest with which you can control the most important functions.

ISPL 439 Massage Chair Features


In the massage chair, blood circulation in the muscles is stimulated and the tendons are stretched by tapping gently with the cupped hand, which at the same time relieves tension.

ISPL 439 Massage Chair Features

Adjustable footrest:

The footrest of the massage chair can be extended so that it adapts to different body sizes.

Massage Chair Benefits
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