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Premium Massage Chair

739 3D Premium Massage Chair


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  • Premium Zero Gravity massage chair equipped with a set of 8 rollers, intelligent 3d mechanical massage hand that can move up and down. front and rear.
  • Automatically detect the position of the shoulder and human body curves and posture.
  • SL shape curved rail, zero gravity, zero space.
  • 56 airbags,10 automatic massage programs.
  • 6 kinds of massage techniques: kneading, tapping, Shiatsu, Knocking, 3D massage, and kneading & tapping.
  • Back heating function.
  • Built-in 3d digital speakers on the left and right sides.
  • Bluetooth function: Smart device can be used to play music on a wireless connection.
  • Backstretch massage functions.
  • The footrest is equipped with manual adjustment to suit different leg lengths.

Premium Massage Chair Features

The new technology of ISPL 739

Based on our biomechanics, ergonomics and physiotherapy model ISPL is our most important product and its design takes into account human skeleton features. All that, together with null power, null space, curved road massing, stretching, physical models, the point, magnetic field therapy, and air massages, will make your home ultimately massage able. Every day healthy and active.

3D massage chair Premium model in zero gravity 2021. 3D massage chair with 6 heated back rollers, Bluetooth control, back heating system, 10 automatic programs.

New design 2021 with innovative functions

For example, there’s a new air pump 1, which can work in sync with other airbags and continue to provide power to them all simultaneously. Both the stereo pressure of the airbag massage and the leisure stereo pressure is specific and unique, making for a fresh and lively massage.

Massage Chair Feature
Massage Chairs Features

Back massage rollers

The chair has 6 heated rear rollers – the most advanced 3D back massage system.

Massage Chairs Features

Back width adjustment

The back massage is extremely close to the massage of the human touch. You choose a strong massage or a soft massage!

Airbag arm massage

Full body air massage for shoulders, arm, back, thighs, calves, ankle, and foot.

Massage Chairs Features

Do you have muscle pain? The chair treats contractions.

Stretching of the arm, back, and legs is indicated with massage coilers for the shoulders, arms and legs to accelerate bone regeneration and reduce muscle tension and spasms. It offers novel auto massage schedules that deliver a personalised massage that satisfies the diverse demands, and is tailored for different kinds of users.

Massage Chairs Features

Back heating

Adding to the already great massage treatment of ISPL 739 an additional dimension, a couple of roller heating on the back radiates muscular warmth. Heat treatment can be applied to any manual footrest adjustment routines or as an autonomous option.

Massage Chairs Features

The zero gravity and space saver functions

The massage chair’s dynamic shape was redesigned to allow users to save space at home by reducing the size of the chair’s frame. If you live in a house or apartment or work in an office, this model is perfect for you. To maintain optimum body functions, it is recommended that you lie down in a zero-gravity position, where your legs are elevated above your body by 180° – 7°. This position is both natural and relaxing for the human body.

Massage Chairs Features

Manual footrest. Great functions for tall users.

You may manually adjust the footrest of the chair. It is designed to help big users gain more comfort. For large users or anyone who needs an extra legroom, the chair is a good massagechair.

Massage Chairs Features

Bluetooth speakers. No more wires.

The speaker is inserted into the headrest of the chair, which makes the music of your choice an environment-sonic effect. You are connected to your phone with mp3 player on the chair using Bluetooth technology. Your music selection is directly controlled from your device so you may choose the song easily.

Massage Chairs Features

Massage Techniques

Massage Chairs Features
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