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Classic Series Massager

A-308 Classic Series Massager


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  • Intelligent mechanical 3D massage hand with the body scan function.
  • 135cm SL shape track, can massage from neck to the buttock.
  • Zero space, only 5cm against the wall saving your room space.
  • Zero gravity: the gravity of each body part will distribute average on the massage chair to make the pressure on the body fully released.
  • 6 automatic modes.
  • 16pcs airbags for the whole body. 3 levels of intensity selection.
  • 40*c – 50*c back heating function, relieve coldness and pain on your back.
  • Leg with step-less adjustable function, suitable for different height use.
  • Foot rollers massage function: there are two pairs of mastoid rotating massage on the root, scraping massage on the arch and heel.
  • LCD colour screen remote control.
  • Music playback system, 3D digital audio.
  • With shortcut keys and USB charging.
  • Armrest with ice-blue LED lighter.
  • Equipped with voice control recognition function.

Classic Series Massager Features

New design 2020 with innovative functions

The innovative feature is the air pump 1, which can work synchronously and continue to provide the driving force for all airbags. Both leisure stereo pressure of the airbag massage is specific and unique, which makes you enjoy a fresh and lively massage.

It has Bluetooth speakers, a USB cable, shortcut buttons, and microfiber leather.

Massage Chairs Features
Massage Chairs Features

Intelligent voice control

The massage chair can be controlled more easily thanks to an innovative voice recognition system. To experience more relaxation during the massage, there is no need to get up and change the hand controller.

Massage Chairs Features

Intelligent mechanical massage hand

Intelligent mechanical massage hands continue to collect curve data on the back, imitating the professional massage to carry out stereo massage in multidimensional and aspect. Smart massage hands replicate the professional massage way to perform: finger pressing, tapping, tapping, and kneading. 

Important Functions

“Zero Space”

When sliding down, allow 5cm to be lost to the wall. Instead of sliding down against the wall 60-80cm, it can save 0.5 sq.m of space. Incredibly, the massage chair’s unique one-button slide allows for a full opening of about 5cm from the wall. 

Massage Chairs Features

“SL” Shape curved rail

Combined with human engineering, the SL space-covered rail technology investigated extremely long. The massage is 135 cm, allows you to experience a personal massage from your head to your leg, helps keep the human corporal vertebra “S” in the form of a curve and relaxes your back.

Massage Chairs Features

Zero gravity

Model for zero gravity is 118 degrees elevation for legs and torso, over heart the positioning of thighs and calves. The gravity of every part of the body is on the massage chair on average to free the body completely.

Massage Chairs Features

Leg stretch

A telescopic adjustment function is given for the calf frame and the calf foot is pulled off with the ankle. According to the length of a user’s leg, the length of the foot extension may be established, and the foot is spring powered back to suit the individual’s individual heights.

Massage Chairs Features
Massage Chairs Features

DIY Memory model

3 Levels of massage width adjustable

5 Levels of massage speed adjustable

3 Levels of air pressure intensity adjustable

Whole-body relaxation massage

You can easily adjust the height of the pillow pad.

Shoulders – set with automatic detection and location of the shoulder joints in a given position.

Coldness and pain in your back can be relieved by using the far-infrared heating function of the carbon fiber far-infrared heating system. A substance that can activate cells and promote metabolism.

Acupoint massage to the acupoint with a 3 cm travel distance.

Massage with air pressure is also available.

4 Pcs Upper Arm Massage Airbag. It comes with 8 pieces of under-arm airbag massage. 2 pcs of leg airbag massage. 8 Pcs Airbag Massage Footbags. 24 Pcs Airbags For Whole Body Massage, air pressure intensity freely adjust, compaction, pause or relax mode for a great price

Massage Chairs Features

8 Kinds of Automatic Massage Programs

Massage Chairs Features
Back massage

When the pressure of work and life is greater, release and relax in time.

Spine massage

Long-term desk workers’ cervical vertebra back need care.

Shoulder massage

Relax at home or in the office after a busy day.

Full Body massage 

Massage after sitting for a long time to relax away from the pain.

Massage Chairs Features
Traction massage

Twist waist, maintenance by the compression of the bones and joints.

Relaxing massage

Suitable for an afternoon nap to bring afternoon vitality.

Comfortable massage

Feel the comfort of the body in a comprehensive way.

Quick massage

Experience various ways to choose the one that suits you better.

Massager Chair

Have a comfortable lifestyle

The upper half manually selects the massage function: there are five kinds of massage position selection as a full, partial, fixed point, upper back, and lower back.

Classic Series Massager Specifications

Massage Chair Specification
Massage Chairs India Features
Massage Chairs India Shipping
Proper storage

We have more warehouses across India and we store your chair in perfect condition.

Safe handling

The massage chair is loaded mechanically, with love and care for you.

We provide free shipping

In most cases, we transport massage chairs in our own vehicles, using our own employees.

Handling and assembly

We have installed your chairs. Now, enjoy the massage.

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