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 SL A27 Robostic Back Massager




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ISPL SL A27 back massager 2015 design

The ISPL SL A27 back massager is a new generation ISPL massage chair with four clever, silent, vertically moveable massage hands that provide a full back massage. The SL A27 features a unique 135 cm L-shaped massage system, giving it the largest treatment range of any massage chair.

Pump and valve innovation

The SL A27 back massager features a unique air pump and valve system. In order to produce the motor force required for the 28 airbags, the pump can operate in synchrony or continuously. The relaxation massage, as well as the forceful airbag pressure, are both precise and unique, allowing you to rest and enjoy a rejuvenating massage.

Zero back wall space

The back massager massage chair is designed for tiny settings, requiring only a 5 cm clearance between the massage chair and the back wall when in use. The chair’s seat will travel forward without colliding with the back wall.

Back Massager Chair
Features Of Massage Chair

Automatic shoulder detection and localization system

An automatic shoulder localization feature is included in the new ISPL SL A27 back massager. Prior to each massage session, this technology scans your shoulders to assess the user’s height and weight in order to provide a properly tailored massage.

Features Of Massage Chair

3 Zero gravity massage positions

The revolutionary ISPL SL A27 back massager allows you to adjust the chair to three Zero Gravity positions, giving you a sense of weightlessness and allowing you to relax completely without restriction.

The angle of elevation between the body and the legs is roughly 118 degrees when the “zero gravity” mode is activated. The heart is in a lower position than the thighs and calves. Each body part’s gravity (weight) will be dispersed uniformly over the massage chair, allowing the pressure on the body to be relieved completely.

Reflex therapy

The footrest expands in a stepless fashion to accommodate users of various heights.

Features Of Massage Chair

Calf rest

Massage rollers and airbags, as well as eight natural magnets, are included in the calf rest.

Features Of Massage Chair

L-shaped curved rail

According to the latest research, the back massager massage chair uses a curved rail in the shape of an L, which is the result of intensive research. In other words, you can get a personalized massage from the top down to your knees, or from your head all the way down to your seat.

Features Of Massage Chair

Guasha foot massage

Using modern roller technology stimulates the human touch and gives you a Guasha massage like a professional massage therapist. As long as you set the remote control to the appropriate settings, the 3 cm range massage can be gentle and consistent, but it can also be more intense.

Features Of Massage Chair

Airbag foot massage

All around you are airbags of various shapes and sizes. It’s an experience you’ll never forget. In order to stimulate the acupoints, use this procedure that involves activating the air pressure compression, pause, and evacuation functions sequentially.

Features Of Massage Chair

Magnet therapy

By stimulating the acupoints on the calf, the magnet treatment obtained owing to the 8 precisely positioned 300 cc permanent magnets can improve the low amount of magnetite in the body.

Features Of Massage Chair

Back massage range

The massage hands on the neck, shoulders, back, and waist of the clever mechanical back massager may move up and down. They can automatically induce the human back’s particular curve, with a width range of 21 cm and a back range of 135 cm, covering the full back.

Features Of Massage Chair

Back width adjustment

To create a highly accurate back massager, engineers combined back massage structures with human engineering principles. By choosing one of the three options, the width can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm in length.

Features Of Massage Chair

Airbag arm massage

It has 12 airbags that follow the curvature of the human upper arm to deliver a massage that covers the entire length of your arms while operating on the Yangchi and Quchi points. Your arms and palms will be energised by the balanced 2D traction that comes from the air-filled sacks.

Features Of Massage Chair

Far infrared carbon fibre heating

The back heating feature, set to 40-50 degrees Celsius, removes cold sensations and backaches. Infrared radiation has a wavelength that matches the wavelength of the human body, allowing the energy to be absorbed by human cells, activating them and increasing metabolism.

Features Of Massage Chair

Two memory modes

These capabilities will meet your own circle of requirements. The suitable M1 / M2 reminiscence programmes can save any mixture of massage chair strategies and capabilities that you and your own circle of relatives choose. After listening to a particular sound, certainly, push the button for 2 seconds, and the automated mode will activate.

Timer function

This feature allows you to customise the massage time to your liking, allowing you to enjoy a continuous massage.

ISPL Massage technology

As a result of their novel function, air pumps can operate in synchronization or continuously to provide airbags with motor force. Airbag pressure is precisely controlled and precise, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate while enjoying the massage.

A 2D sensing function that can determine massage locations based on your height is included in the ISPL massage chairs. You’ll receive a professional and energizing physical treatment that targets 500 points on your body from your neck’s point to your sole’s point, all of which work together to solve health issues.

Features Of Massage Chair

Automatic Massage Programs

Features Of Massage Chair
Ache relief

15-minute automatic massage programme that can target the areas of your body that are tired, giving you a full-body health treatment.

Features Of Massage Chair
Memory – athletes program

The roller system’s advanced accuracy and strength, along with a relaxing air pressure shiatsu massage, relieve fatigue brought on by physical activity, resulting in a healthy body.

Features Of Massage Chair
Back and waist – housewives

Massage that relaxes your back and waist while also working on the ligaments in your lower back and thorax. Muscles that are stiff are relieved.

Features Of Massage Chair
Comfort – elderly group

From your neck to your soles, from your upper arms to your fingers, a full-body massage will provide you with an unrivalled massage experience.

Features Of Massage Chair
Full air pressure, neck, and shoulders – computer user group

Automatic, relaxing massage programme for your neck and shoulders, designed to make you feel good while massaging your neck and shoulders, effectively alleviating pain in the cervical vertebrae.

Features Of Massage Chair
Waist stretch, pain relief – beauty love group

Stretches your back muscles, relaxes your muscles, and relieves fatigue to ease muscle discomfort and stiffness.

Intelligent mechanical hands

Intelligent mechanical massage hands collect data on the curve of the back in real-time, simulating massage techniques used by expert massage therapists, to provide you with a stereo, multidimensional aspect massage, massage therapists to execute kneading, squeezing, flapping, pressure, pushing, grasping, swinging, and twisting sorts of massage.

Features Of Massage Chair

Body relief

 The massage cushions for the shoulders, arms, and legs help to stretch the muscles in the shoulders, arms, and legs. The ISPL SLA27 massage chair is designed for a wide range of users, with revolutionary automatic massage routines that provide you with a customised massage to meet your specific needs.

Features Of Massage Chair

Free calf rest extension

The calf relaxation may be prolonged up to fifteen cm relying on the user’s top, making sure an entire frame rubdown is tailor-made to the specific top of every user.

Features Of Massage Chair
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