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SL-A50 3D Home Massage chair




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The new technology of ISPL A 50 home massage chair

ISPL A50 home massage chair, which is based on biomechanics, ergonomics, and a physiotherapy model with skeletal features. With zero power, zero space, curved route massage, stretching, and magnetic field therapy, 28 airbags, 8 permanent magnets, and one pump air experience, you may enjoy all of this and more at home.

New design 2016 with innovative functions

One of the innovative features of the A50 home massage chair is the air pump 1, which can work in sync with all 79 airbags. You can enjoy both a relaxing stereo pressure as well as a lively airbag massage that is completely unique.

Home Massage Chair
Benefits Of Massage Chair

3 Zero gravity positions

This A50 home massage chair has a very important feature because the weightless position has a very positive effect on the health of the back. The body weight pressure on the spine is evenly distributed in this position.

Zero gravity

There is a 118-degree elevation angle between the body and feet in zero gravity mode. In relation to the heart, the thighs and calves. This helps to relieve pressure on your body by distributing the weight of your body parts evenly across the massage chair’s surface. A weightlessness state is created, allowing for complete relaxation.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Zero space

Designed with a button to gently change and a one-of-a-kind home massage chair. In order to reach the main roll of 22 cm, the seat slides forward, leaving the massage chair in its traditional position, which is limited by the available space between the chair and the wall behind it. When the seat is tilted, you get the sensation of hovering.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

„L” Shape curved rail

To increase the distance from 135 cm massage, human genius is linked to a study that is linked in the form of “L” shaped curves of super curves so that you can get the vertebra Hold human body “that will help to relax the spine and relieve tense muscles.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Foot mastoid guasha massage

Guasha can work as a professional masseur by imitating the touch of a human hand with the roller massage chair technique. 3 cm trip, the massage focuses on advanced Youngquan’s plant or by a smooth constant massage or an increasingly stronger massage that provides unrivalled comfort and pleasure.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Leg airbag massage

Airbags come in a variety of shapes and sizes for packing the calf, ankles, and foot. Acupuncture points are stimulated by compression, pause, and the air pressure method promotes comfort and harmony.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Magnetic therapy

Magnetic therapy with 8 permanent magnets precisely positioned at 300CC can improve acupuncture points and calf weak magnetite levels in the body.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Back massage range

Mechanical hands that are intelligent can move up and down the neck, shoulders, back, and hip. You can automatically induce a human curve with a range of up to 21 cm; the vertical path is 135 cm long and completely covers the human back.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Back width adjustment

The supporting body of the curve “S” is a combination of massage structure back combined with human technique principles to provide position accurate massage once more. With three options, the width can be adjusted from 6 to 21 cm.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Arm airbag massage

Featuring a 12-air bag massage system, which runs along the human arm’s curve for a more general massage, as well as Yangchi points on the Quiche arm. To relax and refresh the arm in the palm of the hand, the airbag’s three-dimensional inflated traction is traction balanced.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Carbon fibre far infrared heating

The 0oC-50oC heating function can help with back pain relief and cooling. The wavelength of far-infrared emitting light coincides with the wavelength of the human body, allowing energy to be absorbed into the human cell and cells to activate and stimulate metabolism.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Three memo modes

The memory buttons M1 / M2 store any combination of methods and functions that you and your family can choose to massage. This will reduce fatigue after exercise and provide you and your family with a strong body. Simply press the button two seconds after the beep to activate the automatic memory.


Time setting function

With this feature, you can customise the massage time to meet your needs and enjoy a continuous massage.

Innovative function

The vertebra is the main source of pain in the hip and back area, as well as a stiff neck. ISPL’s health products for use, such as the 2D function points of the massage to find at the height of the body dependent, neck; It is linked to more than 500 points on the body, comfortable and professional physiotherapy provides and helps to solve the problem of bad health and help cool.

Benefits Of Massage Chair

Automatic Massage Programs

Benefits Of Massage Chair
Ache relief

Automatic 15-minute massage programme that focuses on the points of fatigue while providing overall health care.

Benefits Of Massage Chair
Memory – athletes program

While exercising, the rolling system’s accuracy and top performance, combined with Shiatsu massage and comfortable air pressure, alleviate tiredness.

Benefits Of Massage Chair
Back and waist – housewives

To relax, massage the back and hips, and actively affect the lower back and chest ribbons. Relaxes tense muscles.

Benefits Of Massage Chair
Comfort – elderly group

A full body massage from the neck to the toes, fingertip arm, will provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

Benefits Of Massage Chair
Full air pressure, neck, and shoulders – computer user group

Comfortable and automatic massage programme for the neck and shoulders, designed to make you feel good during the massage, easily relieves cervical spine pain.

Benefits Of Massage Chair
Waist stretch, pain relief – beauty love group

Designed to alleviate muscle pain and stiffness, stretch back muscles, relax muscles, and alleviate fatigue.

Intelligent mechanical massage hands

Intelligent mechanical home massage chair massage hands constantly accumulate data of the back curve and emulate the skills of a professional masseur for a multi-dimensional aspect stereo massage. Smart massage hands imitate professional masseurs’ techniques to perform the following massages: kneading, shaking, hitting, bumping, pushing, holding, balance, and twisting.

Zero Gravity. Heating System.

The hands of the intelligent mechanical home massage chair can move up and down the neck, shoulders, back, and hip. You can automatically induce a human curve with a range of up to 21 cm, and the vertical distance is 135 cm, which completely covers the human back.

Benefits Of Massage Chair
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