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Warranty And Service

Warranty and Service of ISPL Massage Chairs India is the only company in INDIA that offers a 1-year guarantee and 4 years of warranty services for the products it sells.

ISPL Massage Chair India items are conveyed via prepared faculty who will deal with and gather the item and educate you on the legitimate method to utilize the item. On the off chance that a specialized issue ought to happen, contact our client care with trust.

Technical Department - Contact Infromation

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Warranty And Service

1- Year Guarantee And 4 -Years Warranty And Service

The warranty services provided by ISPL Massage Chairs India cover all types of interventions, including travel expenses, as well as the cost of spare parts and labour. Depending on the nature of the problem of your product, ISPL’s Massage Chair India’s Technical Department will decide and tell whether what the product requires:

1. To be fully replaced.

2. To be repaired at your location.

3. Collected and transported in our repair shop.

Warranty And Service Extention

When you buy the product, you can choose to extend the warranty period from 3 to 5 years. The annual costs for the year of the warranty vary according to the type of masses.

5-Year Post Warranty

You can even extend the warranty service before the warranty time has expired. After the expiry of the warranty period, you benefit from our PostWarranty services, so if you need to encounter technical problems with your massage chair, please contact us.

To prevent situations that the holding company (termination) can lead their product warranty, read the manual supplied with your product.

Situations That May Lead To The Voiding (cancellation) of The Warranty of Your product:

  • Failure to comply with the product’s terms of use provided in the user’s manual.
  • If the product has been damaged by mechanical accidents, concussions, shocks, or if it has been damaged by liquids or by exposure to fire.
  • If the product has been kept in improper conditions – if it has been repeatedly used in an environment with significant temperature differences which cause condensation if it has been exposed excessively to a damp environment or solar radiations, if the electric cables or the protective elements have been damaged or if the product was misused.
  • If the product was tampered with or repaired by unauthorized persons.

Qualified Repair Personal

ISPL Massage Chairs India’s technical team participates annually in specialization courses, which means that the services provided by our company will live up to your expectations. We recommend that you contact our personnel with confidence and that you notify us in connection with any situation that may arise while using our products.


01. iSPL

iSPL takes pride in providing consistently excellent service that is backed by the appropriate warranty. We provide exceptional expert assistance and personalized service to clients. Clients can rely on us from beginning to end.

 02. Coverage

During the service period, ISPL is solely responsible for any repairs or replacements of defective equipment. ISPL will repair the chairs and get them back to working order. During the initial terms of the coverage.

03. Exclusions

The warranty does not cover damages caused by sudden voltage fluctuations, physical damage, damage caused by a machine that is not listed on the instruction manual, or unauthorized repairs. It will render the warranty void.

03. AMC

Annual Maintenance Contracts are available from Ispl (AMC). Our team of experts will assist you with maintaining your massage chairs, and we will do so on a condition or periodic basis. Any repairs will be handled by our skilled crew.

Q: Is my massage chair covered by a warranty?

Yes, all of our products include a free one-year guarantee and a four-year full coverage warranty.

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